Born in 1978 Haifa, Israel
Currently living and working in Haifa, Israel


2006-2007 – Tutored by prof. Manferd Bischoff at “Alchimia”.
2005-2006 – Specialization course with prof. Manferd Bischoff at. “Alchimia”.
2004-2005 – Specialization course with prof. Manuel Vilhena at “Alchimia”.
2003-2004 – Basic jewellery course at “Alchimia”- contemporary jewellery school in Firenze.
2003- 6 month of basic workshop in Tel-Aviv, Israel.


2021: “Wood + Body Expressions Of Contemporary Jewelry”-Group Exhibition at The Center For Art In Wood, Philadelphia.

2020: ‘Precious Places – Precious Things – Group exhibition of 22 international jewelry makers at the Alliages gallery, Lille.

2020: “Antivirus” – Virtual exhibition at Tincal-Lab Gallery, Porto.

2019: “Precious?” Precious Collective With International Art Jewellery Makers From Over 10 Different Countries, Plymouth, U.K.

2018: Collective Exhibition, Autoria  Gallery, Porto.

2017: “Jewelry And Music“, Tincallab challenge 2017Tincallab Gallery, Porto.

2016- “20th Anniversary”, Gallery Noel Guyomarc’h, Montreal.

2016- “A Tribute to Manfred Bischoff”, 3 Stations, Munich.

2015- “A Matter of Time”, Israeli Jewelry 7, the Eretz Israel Museum Tel-Aviv.

2015- “Precious Sayings”- Thirty Israeli contemporary jewelry artists interpret sayings, Hankin Gallery, Hulon.

2014- “Telling Tales” – Narratives in contemporary metal and jewelry Art,  The Art House Gallery, Mevaseret-Zion, Israel.

2013- “WerkSpace”-Travelling Group Exhibition- contemporary jewellery in the spaces that witness is creation-Tel-Aviv, Herzelia, Jerusalem.

2012- “The Art Of Caffe’ Pedrocchi in contemporary Jewellery”,

An exhibition cured by “Gioielldentro”,Padova, Italy.

2011- “NeoGemo” – Gemological Contemporary Jewellery at the Geological   Museum, Ramat-Hasharon, Israel.

2011- “UltraMarine Exhibition”, Shipyard Foundry, Tallinn, Estonia.

2010- Erez Israel Museum: “Sequences; Identities” The 5 Bienalle of Israely Jewellery, Tel Aviv.

2009-Shenkar College: “Alchemic Experiences”, Ramat Gan, Israel.

2008- Velvet Da Vinci Gallery: “The Pendant Show”, S.F.

2008- The German Goldsmiths House: “Alchimia”, Hanau.

2008- Gallery Alternatives: “Art Ornamento”, Rome.

2007- Gallery Mangold: “Winter Exhibition”, Leipzig.

2007- “Quaternitas”: End of year exhibition at Alchimia, Firenze.

2007- Gallery Mangold: “Dialog Between Jewellery”, Leipzig.

2007- “Craft Boston”, a crafts fair held in Boston.

2006- Gallery Alternatives: “Art Ornamento”, Rome.

2006- Gallery Marzee: ”Marzee International Graduation Show”, Nijmegen, Nederland.

2006- Alchimia: End of year exhibition at “Modo”, Firenze.

2006- Inhorgenta Fair, Munich.

2005- Alchimia: End of Year Exhibition, GSLI-The Sonic Garden, Firenze.

2004- Alchimia: End of year exhibition at “Universal Sances”, Firenze.


2020: New Bracelets: 500+ Contemporary Jewellery Designs, by Nicolas Estrada                                                                                    2015- “A Matter Of Time”, Israeli Jewelry 7, Erets Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv.
2015- “Precious Sayings” exhibition catalogue, Hulon, Israel.
2012-Comprehensive full length interview including images at “BetonArt”;
an Architecture and Internal Design magazine on Concrete        Art/ Design, from Istanbul, Turkey.
2011- “UltraMarine” Exhibition Catalogue,
Talin, Estonia.
2011-“NeoGemo” -Contemporary Gemological Jewellery Exhibition. Catalogue, the Geological Museum,                        Ramat-Hasharon, Israel.
2010- Exhibition Catalogue “Sequences; Identities” The 5 Bienalle of Israeli Jewellery, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.
2009- “The Compendium of Contemporary Jewellery Makers”, Darling Publications, Cologne & New York.
2008- “500 Pendants”, Lark Books, Asheville, NC,
“Alchimia, Via Dell’Orto 35/r”, Firenze/Tallinn.