“What Is the Measure of Man?” 

The Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts and Design 2023 

Explores the human condition on the threshold of a new age.

The Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts and Design is a natural extension of the ongoing focus of MUZA, Eretz Israel Museum, on local material culture.

The Biennale presents an up-to-date picture of contemporary crafts and design in Israel, including ceramics, glass, jewelry making, textile and paper – in combination with one another. In addition to forging connections between these different fields, it engages with MUZA’s historical pavilions and archaeological and ethnographic treasures. The museum’s outdoor spaces will feature outdoor works including installations, sculptures, and architectural structures.

Opening: March 31, 2023

Black and White In Color – International Jewelry Exhibition Online & In-Person

Featuring out of the ordinary contemporary art jewelry made form uncommon materials and/uncommon materials used in uncommon ways.

New York City Jewelry WeekVirtual Exhibition at Adornaxis, 16.11.2021

‘Jewelry off the Grid’ is a curated, juried exhibition featuring out of the ordinary art jewelry made from uncommon materials by contemporary jewelry artists from around the globe. Playing with the double entendre of the phrase “off the grid”, AdornAxis not only references the uncommon nature of the jewelry that we feature, but also the literal power grid, and pushes our exhibition to incorporate power, electricity, light, reflections, as well as interactive, conceptual new media live performances.

Remote Viewing – Virtual Exhibition at Adornaxis, 1.10.2021 – 14.11.2021


Out of the ordinary contemporary art jewelry made from uncommon materials and/or

common materials used in uncommon ways.

Wood + Body Expressions Of Contemporary Jewelry

Group Exhibition at The Center For Art In Wood, (Philadelphia) Curated By Jennifer Naava Millken

‘Precious Places-Precious Things

Group exhibition of 22 international jewelry makers at the Alliages gallery in Lille France.

Where do you go to when the world’s mayhem crowds you and you need to escape for a bit, where do you go?

New Bracelets: 500+ Contemporary Jewellery Designs, by Nicolas Estrada

New Bracelets features more than 500 photographs, gathering about 400 works by 200 jewellery contemporary artists. Prefaces of the book, specially written by Barbara Schmidt and Helen Britton, are included. All this presented with a beautiful cover illustrated with a piece by the Australian jeweler Sim Luttin.

Precious? Precious Collective With International Art Jewellery Makers From Over 10 Different Countries, Plymouth, U.K

“Strange materials mixed with strange minds fuse into joyous, imaginative work expressing individual ideas of what precious could mean”.

Tincal Lab Challenge 2017, Jewelry And Music – Collective Jewelry Exhibition, Porto

With the main objective to show the quality and diversity of contemporary jewelry, Tincal lab invited jewelers from around the world for a challenge: the creation of up to 3 pieces with a maximum price of 100€, inspired by the theme Jewelry and Music.
Almost 40 authors from about 18 countries were selected – and this is the result!

20/20/20 Anniversary, Gallery Noel Guyomarc’h, Montreal, Canada  

20th Anniversary / 20 Canadian Artists / 20 International Artists

For this occasion, the gallery will present a new exhibition with a focus on the work of major artists who have collaborated for many years with Noel Guyomarc’h. All invited artists answered his call and will present new work, most of them especially for this anniversary.

A Tribute to Manfred Bischoff,  3 Stations, Munich

An exhibition that pays tribute to the jewellery artist and teacher Manfred Bischoff.

We are 43 of his former students from 22 countries who will each show a piece at the exhibition, dedicated to Manfred’s golden “Fingerpuppets” by creating their own little version of Manfred, the real golden boy.
The exhibition will be on display during the Munich Jewellery Week 2016.
It opens on the 24th of February at 6 PM at 3 Stations, Welserstrasse 15 in 81373 Munich.

A Matter of Time, Israeli Jewelry 7, The Erez Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv     

The exhibition reveals the museum’s involvement in Israel’s cultural history and local identity, and displays Israeli jewelry design in the past and present in two parts: the history of jewelry in Israel alongside contemporary jewelry.

The historical part, first one of its kind in scope, reviews 60 years of multicultural work since the waves of immigration soon after the establishment of the state, and presents works of well-known and less know jewelry makers who paved the way for international recognition which artistic jewelry design in Israel has gained.

The contemporary part presents approximately 100 works of over 50 Israeli artists. Most of the jewelry was made over the past year, and all can be worn. The works excel in originality and experimentalism and reflect the reality of our lives as they raise questions about inner and external time, the one-time and the duplicated, preservation and deterioration, memory and mementos, transience and eternality, life and death, war and peace.

Curator: Dr. Iris Fishof.

Precious Sayings – contemporary jewelry artists interpret sayings, Hankin Gallery, Hulon.

Like a jewel that marks social status, the use of different sayings functions to remind us of social truths, norms, and codes. They shape our cultural and social identity by reflecting the accumulated life experience of communities and ethnic groups.

Sayings are used as a popular rhetorical ready-made, recruited to validate statements of various kinds as well as concise representation of social concepts common in the group.

Sayings serve to convey statements of powerful intuitive conviction that tap on our cultural wisdom.

As such, they alleviate the burden of proof from the speaker.

In the exhibition “Precious Sayings”, the works relate directly to various Sayings.

Some sayings are in constant usage and some arrive from foreign lands. Each piece connected to a personal story.

The saying, as a verbal stimulant, serves as the starting point to the creative journey of the artist.

Telling Tales – Narratives in contemporary metal and jewelry art

The exhibition presents new works by 22 artists who work primarily in metals, silver smiting, or conceptual art jewelry. Participating artists responded to a curatorial call for artistic interpretations of the stories and fables that have shaped and influenced them. What happens when artists translate the world’s oldest tales into works of art? The exhibition explores the role of fairy tales, legends, myths, and fables in shaping cultural mores and values, and the influence these time-honored narratives – ranging from the fantastical to the pedagogical to the sternly moralistic- have had on our contemporary existence.

WerkSpace -Travelling Group Exhibition- contemporary jewellery in the spaces that witness is creation

INTER ALIA projects is pleased to announce the launch of WerkSpace, a new series of exhibitions that presents works by artists in the field of contemporary jewelry, in the studios in which the works were conceived and realized. The studio – a place of work, of conflicts, of chaos and clutter, and of order and resolution – provides a reflexive context for encountering these works and a rare glimpse into the environments that witnessed their creation. The titular launch exhibition for WerkSpace features works by 12 prominent and emerging local artists who challenge established definitions of jewelry through unconventional materials, nontraditional processes, and dedication to personal expression.
WerkSpace is hosted in 4 studios in 3 cities. Though each of these work domains – whether residential, commercial, or industrial – is a distinct reflection of the individual artist, each is equipped with the archetypal implements and devices indispensable to the world of contemporary art jewelry. The concept behind WerkSpace summarizes the mission of INTER ALIA projects: to organize arenas in which art and design demonstrating a high level of execution and conceptual thought might be viewed and discussed in a new way

The Art Of Caffe’ Pedrocchi in contemporary Jewellery

An exhibition cured by Gioielldentro, Padova, Italy.

Neo-Gemo, Contemporary Gemological Jewelry, the Geological museum, Ramat-Hasharon

Neo-Gemo, Jewelry exhibition, presents a variety of modern gemological pieces of jewelry. They were designed by the artist and designer especially for this exhibition, using unprocessed, raw stones.

Twenty-four world renowned artists and jewelry makers are participating in the exhibition, demonstrating a variety of perspectives in modern jewelry making.

Making jewelry from uncut, unpolished stones serves the agenda of the Geological Museum, which tries to glorify the treasures and wonders that nature has to offer, to discover the marvels of its beauty and to make it increasingly accessible to the viewer.

The exhibition provides the visitor with an experience which is esthetic and intellectual.

Ultra Marine, Shipyard Foundry, Tallinn, Estonia

European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 presents:
Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition

Exhibition is opened from October 8 – November 6, 2011-12am – 18pm.
Noblessner Foundry: 59°27’6”N 24°43’47”E, Tallinn, Estonia.

Ultramarine is a fiery blue pigment extracted from lapis lazuli, one of the oldest precious stones used in jewellery for thousands of years. Lapis lazuli was imported to Europe from Middle Asia by the sea, hence the name ’beyond the sea’.
UltraMarine is a journey of a solo sailor, an artist’s dialogue with material at the workbench. In both cases the person in question is really alone. It makes one attentive and reverential. The conspirators shall know and notice – the sea unites us, landmasses keep us apart.
UltraMarine is bluer than the sea.
UltraMarine is supported by Estonian Artists Association, British Council, Tallinn Culture and Heritage Department, AS Printon, AS Antalis, AS BLRT, Törley
UltraMarine is created by Merle Kasonen, Julia Maria Künnap, Maarja Niinemägi and Kertu Tuberg

Sequences; Identities The 5 Bienalle of Israely Jewellery, The Erez Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv

Jewelry is traditionally perceived as a visual declaration of social status and identity. It attests to belonging, power, economic status, gender role, ethnic origin, and belonging to a social group. This is why young people pierce their bodies, wear “Gothic” accessories; people of color declare their ethnic belonging through symbols, hairstyles, jewelry, etc.
Highlighting differences and contrasts between statuses and social groups has always characterized human thinking. But today, in the global age, a change has been made possible by annulling hierarchies and creating identities that are based on merging and fusing, thus producing a sequence of possibilities. Examples can be seen in marriages between two people who come from different ethnic origin, race, or nation; the creation of immigrant cultures in target countries; the mixture of languages and customs and the array of possibilities for sexual and gender identity. The accessibility and availability of cultures enable a combination of sequences and spaces that link between seemingly opposite poles. Through fused and combined situations possibilities emerge for expanding borders, changing outdated perceptions, and leaving restrictive stereotypes behind.
The exhibit comprises works of 85 artists and designers.

Curator: Sigal Barkai